100+ Collective Nouns Examples (A to Z)

100+ Collective Nouns Examples (A to Z)

Examples of Collective Nouns: When we refer to a group of people or objects, we often use collective nouns. These nouns are used to describe a collection of things, such as a group of animals, a crowd of people, or a set of furniture. There are many different collective noun examples that we use in everyday language, and they can be singular or plural depending on the context. Understanding and using these collective nouns can help to add richness and color to your writing and speaking, and allow you to describe groups with specificity and nuance. So, let’s explore some of the most common and interesting collective nouns and how they can be used in sentences.

You will find here the most common 100 Examples of Collective Nouns. A collective noun is a name a group of people animals or things. It is also called group noun.

Examples of Collective Nouns, 100 Examples of Collective Nouns

 Collective Nouns Examples

  1. An army of ants
  2. An agenda of tasks
  3. An anthology of poems
  4. A bale of cotton
  5. A band of musicians
  6. A basket of fruit
  7. A batch of bread
  8. A battery of artillery
  9. A battery of guns
  10. A bevy of Ladies
  11. A bevy of quail
  12. A block of flats
  13. A board of directors
  14. A body of men
  15. A book of notes
  16. A bouquet of flowers
  17. A bowl of rice
  18. A bunch of crocks
  19. A bunch of keys
  20. A bundle of sticks
  21. A caravan of gypsies
  22. A catalog of prices
  23. A catch of fish
  24. A chatter of budgerigars
  25. A chest of drawers
  26. A choir of singers
  27. A class of students
  28. A clump of bushes
  29. A cluster of coconuts
  30. A cloud of dust
  31. A cloud of insects
  32. A colony of badgers
  33. A colony of gulls
  34. A company of actors
  35. A congregation of worship
  36. A crew of sailors
  37. A crowd of people
  38. A drove of horses
  39. A dynasty of kings
  40. A fleet of boats
  41. A fleet of cars
  42. A fleet of vehicles
  43. A flight of airplanes
  44. A flight of birds
  45. A flight of stairs
  46. A flock of sheep
  47. A flock of chickens
  48. A flock of ducks
  49. A flock of geese
  50. A flock of pigeons
  51. A flock of seagulls
  52. A forest of trees
  53. A gaggle of geese
  54. A gang of prisoners
  55. A galaxy of stars
  56. A garland of Sonnets
  57. A group of dancers
  58. A group of islands
  59. A hail of bullets
  60. A hand of bananas
  61. A haul of fish
  62. A heap of rubbish
  63. A hedge of bushes
  64. A herd of cattle
  65. A herd of horses
  66. A herd of llamas
  67. A herd of ponies
  68. A herd of seals
  69. A herd of swans
  70. A herd of swine
  71. A herd of wolves
  72. A herd of yaks
  73. A herd of zebras
  74. A hive of bees
  75. A host of sparrows
  76. A library of books
  77. A line of kings
  78. A litter of cubs
  79. A mob of deer
  80. A mob of rioters
  81. A nest of snakes
  82. A nest of mice
  83. An orchard of fruit trees
  84. An outfit of clothes
  85. A pack of cards
  86. A pack of thieves
  87. A pack of wolves
  88. A packet of letters
  89. A pair of shoes
  90. A party of friends
  91. A patrol of policemen
  92. A pod of birds
  93. A posse of policemen
  94. A pride of lions
  95. A quiver of arrows
  96. A range of mountains
  97. A ream of paper
  98. A regiment of soldiers
  99. A reel of film
  100. A set of clubs
  101. A school of whales
  102. A sheaf of grain
  103. A shoal of fish
  104. A shower of rain
  105. A sloth of bear
  106. A stack of wood
  107. A staff of employees
  108. A string of horses
  109. A string of pearls
  110. A stud of horses
  111. A swarm of bees
  112. A team of players
  113. A tribe of natives
  114. A troop of scouts
  115. A troupe of artists
  116. A zoo of wild animals

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