Popular 50 Fruits Name in English with Pictures (A to Z)

Popular 50 Fruits Name in English with Pictures (A to Z)

Our guide delves into “50 Fruits Name in English,” an essential resource shedding light on diverse fruits and their corresponding English names.

Whether you’re a cooking enthusiast or a language learner, this list of 50 Fruits Name in English offers valuable information on these essential names.

Discover the English names of 50 popular Fruits Name in English with our comprehensive guide. Dive into this resource to deepen your understanding of fruits and their English designations, aiding in fruit identification and vocabulary expansion for both culinary and linguistic purposes.

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List of 50 Fruits Name in English (A to Z)

Here are 50 Fruits Name A To Z

  1. Apple
  2. Apricot
  3. Avocado
  4. Banana
  5. Blueberry
  6. Blackberry
  7. Blackcurrant
  8. Breadfruit
  9. Coconut
  10. Cherry
  11. Carambola
  12. Custard Apple
  13. Cashew Fruit
  14. Currant
  15. Date
  16. Dragon fruit
  17. Elderberry
  18. Fig
  19. Grapes
  20. Guava
  21. Gooseberry
  22. Jackfruit
  23. Java plum
  24. Jujube
  25. Kiwi
  26. Lime
  27. Lemon
  28. Longan
  29. Litchi
  30. Mango
  31. Melon
  32. Musk melon
  33. Mulberry
  34. Orange
  35. Olives
  36. Pineapple
  37. Pomegranate
  38. Peach
  39. Pear
  40. Plum
  41. Papaya
  42. Raspberry
  43. Strawberry
  44. Star fruit
  45. Sweet lime
  46. Sugar cane
  47. Sapota
  48. Tamarind
  49. Watermelon
  50. Wood Apple Fruit

50 Fruits Name in English with Pictures (A-Z)

Fruits Pictures Fruits Name
1 fruits name in Urdu Apple
2 fruits names Apricot
3 fruit names Avocado
4 fruit name in Urdu Banana
5 fruits names Blueberry
6 fruits names Blackberry
7 Image Black Currant
8 Image Breadfruit
9 fruits name in Urdu Coconut
10 fruit names Cherry
11 fruit names Carambola
12 fruits names Custard Apple
13 Image Cashew Fruit
14 Image Currant
15 fruit names in Urdu Date
16 Image Dragon Fruit
17 Image Elderberry
18 fruit name in Urdu Fig
19 fruits name in Urdu Grapes
20 fruits names Guava
21 fruits names Gooseberry
22 fruits names Jackfruit
23 fruits names Java plum
24 Image Jujube
25 fruits names Kiwi
26 fruits names Lime
27 fruits names Lemon
28 Image Longan
29 fruits name Litchi
30 fruits name in Urdu Mango
31 fruit names in Urdu Melon
32 fruits name Musk melon
33 fruits name Mulberry
34 fruits name in Urdu Orange
35 fruits name Olives
36 fruits names in Urdu Pineapple
37 fruits names in Urdu Pomegranate
38 fruit names in Urdu Peach
39 fruits names in Urdu Pear
40 fruits names in Urdu Plum
41 fruits names Papaya
42 Image Raspberry
43 fruits names in Urdu Strawberry
44 fruits names in Urdu Star fruit
45 fruits name Sweet Lime
46 Image Sugar cane
47 fruits name Sapota
48 fruits names in Urdu Tamarind
49 fruits name Wood apple
50 fruits name Watermelon)

Final Thoughts:

Discovering “50 Fruits Name in English” enriches culinary and language knowledge. This compilation offers diverse fruits with their English names, crucial for better fruit identification and vocabulary growth.

Exploring “50 Fruits Name” provides insights into English names for various fruits. Mastering these names aids in fruit identification and enhances vocabulary for culinary and language contexts.

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