100+ Past Indefinite Tense Examples: Affirmative, Negative & Interrogative

100+ Past Indefinite Tense Examples: Affirmative, Negative & Interrogative

In this guide on “Past Indefinite Tense Examples,” we explore various instances of this grammatical tense in English. Understanding “Past Indefinite Tense Examples” is crucial for language learners and those seeking to grasp English grammar intricacies. Throughout this article, we’ll illustrate several “Past Indefinite Tense Examples,” aiding in a better understanding of this specific grammatical structure.

Exploring “Past Indefinite Tense Examples” offers a comprehensive overview of how this tense is applied in different contexts. Whether you’re a language enthusiast or a learner looking to deepen your understanding of grammar, this guide provides numerous “Past Indefinite Tense Examples,” offering insights into their usage and nuances.

Unraveling “Past Indefinite Tense Examples” provides valuable insights into the application of this grammatical structure. Join us in examining various “Past Indefinite Tense Examples” to enhance your grasp of English grammar and gain proficiency in using this tense effectively.

Past Indefinite Tense Examples

Past Indefinite Tense Examples (Affirmative)

Understanding “Past Indefinite Tense Examples” in affirmative sentences is fundamental in comprehending English grammar. Throughout this article, we’ll delve into numerous instances of “Past Indefinite

Tense Examples” in affirmative statements. These examples showcase actions that occurred in the past without specifying their duration or completion, providing valuable insights into how this tense operates in affirmative structures.

  1. I walked to the park yesterday.
  2. She finished her assignment before the deadline.
  3. They played football on the weekend.
  4. We visited Paris last summer.
  5. He danced at the party all night.
  6. The sun set over the horizon.
  7. They finished their homework early.
  8. She sang a beautiful song on stage.
  9. I saw a shooting star yesterday.
  10. The train arrived on time.
  11. We played board games until midnight.
  12. He wrote a letter to his friend.
  13. The team won the championship last year.
  14. She baked a delicious cake for her friend’s birthday.
  15. They finished their project ahead of schedule.
  16. He scored a goal in the final minutes of the game.
  17. We went on a road trip across the country.
  18. The teacher explained the lesson clearly.
  19. I received a gift from my parents.
  20. They bought a new car last month.
  21. She painted a beautiful picture.
  22. He cleaned his room yesterday.
  23. He visited his grandparents every summer.
  24. They studied French in high school.
  25. She wrote a heartfelt letter to her best friend.
  26. We enjoyed a delicious meal at the restaurant.
  27. The concert started at 8 p.m.
  28. I received a promotion at work last month.
  29. They traveled to Japan during their vacation.
  30. He played the piano beautifully.
  31. She won the first prize in the art competition.
  32. We watched a thrilling movie yesterday.

In these examples, the past indefinite tense is formed by adding “-ed” to regular verbs or using the irregular verb form. The verb tense indicates that the action happened at a specific time in the past and is now finished.

Past Indefinite Tense Examples (Negative)

Discover “Past Indefinite Tense Examples” in negative sentences. This guide presents various examples portraying actions that did not happen in the past, aiding in understanding the negation aspect of this tense.

27 Past Indefinite Tense Negative Sentences:

  1. He didn’t attend the meeting yesterday.
  2. We didn’t see the movie last night.
  3. The cat didn’t chase the mouse.
  4. She didn’t study for the exam.
  5. They didn’t eat dinner at the restaurant.
  6. He didn’t watch the movie.
  7. We didn’t go to the beach last weekend.
  8. The cat didn’t catch the mouse.
  9. I didn’t meet him at the party.
  10. They didn’t attend the conference.
  11. She didn’t buy any groceries.
  12. He didn’t pass the driving test.
  13. They didn’t attend the concert due to a scheduling conflict.
  14. She didn’t eat dinner because she wasn’t hungry.
  15. We didn’t see any stars during the cloudy night.
  16. The company didn’t meet its sales targets.
  17. I didn’t receive any phone calls while I was out.
  18. They didn’t find the lost keys.
  19. He didn’t take the bus to work yesterday.
  20. He didn’t call me yesterday.
  21. They didn’t go to the party because they were busy.
  22. She didn’t finish her homework on time.
  23. We didn’t see any dolphins during our beach trip.
  24. The package didn’t arrive as expected.
  25. I didn’t go shopping because I had other commitments.
  26. They didn’t find the lost wallet.
  27. He didn’t attend the conference last week.
To create negative sentences in the past indefinite tense, we use the auxiliary verb “did” in its negative form (“didn’t”) before the base form of the main verb.

Past Indefinite Tense Examples (Interrogative)

Explore “Past Indefinite Tense Examples” in interrogative sentences. We’ll illustrate different examples demonstrating how questions about past events are structured using this tense, aiding in understanding its usage in inquiries.

28 Past Indefinite Tense Interrogative Sentences:

  1. Did you visit your grandparents last weekend?
  2. Did she bake a cake for the party?
  3. Did they watch the game on TV?
  4. Interrogative Statements:
  5. Did you see that movie?
  6. Did they travel to Europe?
  7. Did he finish his work on time?
  8. Did she call you yesterday?
  9. Did they win the competition?
  10. Did it rain last night?
  11. Did you enjoy the concert?
  12. Did they visit the museum?
  13. Did you meet her at the party?
  14. Did they travel to Europe during the summer?
  15. Did he finish reading the book?
  16. Did she watch the movie last night?
  17. Did they visit their grandparents over the weekend?
  18. Did it rain heavily yesterday?
  19. Did you enjoy the concert?
  20. Did they complete the project on time?
  21. Did you visit the museum last weekend?
  22. Did they meet their deadline for the project?
  23. Did she buy a new dress for the party?
  24. Did we go hiking in the mountains?
  25. Did they enjoy the concert?
  26. Did it snow heavily in your area?
  27. Did you have a good time at the event?
  28. Did they finish reading the book?
When forming questions in the past indefinite tense, we invert the subject and auxiliary verb “did.” The main verb remains in its base form.

Past Indefinite Tense Examples (Interrogative-Negative)

Past Indefinite Tense Interrogative-Negative Sentences

  1. Didn’t he call you yesterday?
  2. Didn’t they complete the project on time?
  3. Didn’t she attend the concert?
  4. Didn’t you go to the gym yesterday?
  5. Didn’t they invite you to the party?
  6. Didn’t he pass the exam?
  7. Didn’t she play the piano at the concert?
  8. Didn’t they read the book?
  9. Didn’t it snow last winter?
  10. Didn’t you have lunch with them?
  11. Didn’t you attend the meeting yesterday?
  12. Didn’t they go on vacation last month?
  13. Didn’t he play the guitar at the event?
  14. Didn’t she study for the exam?
  15. Didn’t they invite you to the party?
  16. Didn’t it snow last winter?
  17. Didn’t you finish your homework?
  18. Didn’t you attend the lecture yesterday?
  19. Didn’t they travel to Italy last summer?
  20. Didn’t she play the guitar at the talent show?
  21. Didn’t we visit the art gallery during our trip?
  22. Didn’t they invite you to the wedding?
  23. Didn’t it rain yesterday?
  24. Didn’t you meet him at the party?
In interrogative-negative statements, we combine the negative form of “did” (“didn’t”) with the subject, creating a question with a negative connotation.

Past Indefinite Tense Sentences with Time Expressions:

  1. She visited her parents last month.
  2. They lived in London for two years.
  3. He worked as a teacher in that school until 2019.
  4. He traveled to India two years ago.
  5. They lived in a small village for a decade.
  6. She worked as a nurse until last month.
  7. We studied English for six months.
  8. The event took place last night.
  9. He waited for her at the airport for hours.
  10. They met each other in high school.
  11. They visited the museum a week ago.
  12. She lived in that city for five years.
  13. We traveled to the beach last summer.
  14. He worked at the company until last December.
  15. I stayed up all night studying for the exam.
  16. They played basketball for two hours.
  17. She wrote a letter to her friend yesterday.
  18. We went on a vacation to the beach last year.
  19. She lived in that city for three years.
  20. They played soccer for two hours.
  21. He studied for the exam until late at night.
  22. I met my friends for lunch yesterday.
  23. They worked on the project all day.
  24. She traveled to Europe last month.
Time expressions such as “yesterday,” “last night,” “for two years,” or “until 2019” indicate a specific time frame in the past when the action occurred.


Mastering the past indefinite tense is crucial for effective communication in English. By studying these examples and understanding the correct sentence structures, you can confidently express past events and experiences. Practice using the past indefinite tense in various contexts, and soon you will become proficient in incorporating this essential grammatical structure into your everyday conversations.
Remember, learning a language takes time and practice. So keep exploring, experimenting, and expanding your knowledge of the past indefinite tense and its numerous applications. Happy learning!

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