300+ Popular Opposite Words in English (A to Z)

300+ Popular Opposite Words in English (A to Z)

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of over 1000 opposite words to help you expand your vocabulary. These opposite Words are grouped into categories to make it easier for you to learn and remember them. Let’s dive in.
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What are Antonyms Words?

Antonyms are words that have opposite meanings.

List of Opposite Words in English (A to Z)

Opposite Words Starting with A

Here are 24 English Opposite Words Starting with A.
Words Opposite Words
Above Below
Accept Refuse
Adult Child
Always Never
Admit Deny
After Before
Alive Dead
Ancient Modern
Affirmative Negative
Arrival Departure
Advanced Elementary
Ancestor Descendant
Alike Different
Absence Presence
Accidental Intentional
Angel Devil
Answer Question
Artificial Natural
Attack Defence
Asleep Awake
Antonyms Synonyms
Authentic Fake
Agree Disagree
Animal Human

Opposite Words in English Starting with B

Words Opposite Words
Boy Girl
Before After
Best Worst
Below Above
Beautiful Ugly
Bottom Top
Buy Sell
Black White
Boring Exciting
Birth Death
Brother Sister
Big Small

Opposite Words In English Starting with C

Words Opposite
Careful Careless
Capable Incapable
Can Cannot
Clever Stupid
Clean Dirty
Captive Free
Center Edge
Child Adult
Chilly Warm
Close Far
Closed Open
Come Go
Connect Seperate
Complete Incomplete
Consonant Vowel
Common Rare
Correct Wrong
Complex Simple
Coward Brave
Courage Fear
Compliment Insult
Continue Interrupt
Cruel Kind
Create Destroy
Cry Laugh

Opposite Words Starting with D

Words Opposite Words
Day Night
Dark Light
Dangerous Safe
Death Birth
Deep Swallow
Despair Hop
Deny Admite
Descent White
Devil Angel
Definite Indefinite
Demand Supply
Die Live
Difficult Easy
Disappear Apear
Divide Unite
Dim Bright
Discourage Encourage
Divorce Marriage
Down Up
Doubt Trust
Doctor Patient
Do Don’t
Dry Wet
Drunk Sober

Opposite Words in English Starting with E

Words Opposite Words
Easy Difficult
Early Late
East West
Empty Full
Elementary Advanced
End Start
Enemy Friend
Enter Exit
Everything Nothing
Everybody Nobody
Evening Morning
Exciting Boring
Export Import
Exhale Inhale
Extreme Moderate
Exterior Interior

Opposite Words Starting with F

Words Opposite Words
Far Near
Fat Slim
False True
Famous Unknown
Fast Slow
First Start
Few Many
Find Lose
Finish Start
Foolish Wise
Forget Remember
Foreign Domestic
Foreigner Native
Forward Backward
Friend Enemy
Free Captive
Front Back
Fresh Stale
Future Past
Funny Serious

Opposite Words in English Starting with G

Words Opposite Words
General Special
Gentle Rough
Girl Boy
Give Receive
Good Bad
Go Come
Great Small
Guest Host
Guilty Innocent

Opposite Words Starting with H

Words Opposite Words
Happy Sad
Hate Love
Harmful Harmless
Harvest Plant
Healthy Sick
Heaven Hell
Here There
Heat Cold
Hero Villain
Heavy Light
Hi Bye
High Low
Hill Valley
Horizontal Vertical
Hot Cold
Husband Wife
Human Animal

Opposite Words Starting with I

Words Opposite Words
Ignore Notice
Ignorance Knowledge
Important Unimportant
Import Export
In Out
Include Exclude
Inhale Exhale
Inside Outside
Intentionally Accidentally
Interesting Boring
Interior Exterior

Opposite Words in English Starting with J

Words Opposite Words
Joy Grief
Join Seperate
Junior Senior
Justice Injustice

Opposite Words Starting with K

Words Opposite Words
Key Lock
Kind Cruel
Knowledge Ignorance

Opposite Words in English Starting with L

Words Opposite Words
Large Small
Lady Gentleman
Late Early
Lazy Active
Legal Illegal
Leader Follower
Learner Teacher
Life Death
Like Dislike
Limited Unlimited
Loser Winner
Love Hate
Low High
Lock Unlock
Long Short
Loud Quiet
Loyal Disloyal

Opposite Words Starting with M

Words Opposite Words
Many Few
Man Woman
Male Female
Mature Immature
Marriage Divorce
Master Servent
Merry Sad
Mend Break
Minimum Maximum
Minority Majority
Miss Catch
Modern Ancient
Morning Evening
Moon Sun
Much Little

Opposite Words Starting with N

Words Opposite Words
Narrow Wide
Nasty Pleasant
Natural Strange
Natural Artificial
Near Far
New Old
Negetive Affirmative
Nephew Niece
Night Day
No Yes
Normal Strange
Nothing Everything
Northern Southern
Now Then

Opposite Words in English Starting with O

Words Opposite Words
Odd Even
Old Young
Old New
Off On
Open Closed
Opportune Inopportune
Ordinary Special
Outer Inner
Ours Yours

Opposite Words Starting with P

Words Opposite Words
Patient Doctor
Patient Impatient
Partial Total
Past Future
Peace War
Plant Harvest
Plural Singular
Pleasant Horrible
Poor Wealthy
Possible Impossible
Pretty Ugly
Presence Absence
Problem Solution
Probably Surely
Protect Attack
Pure Impure
Pupil Teacher

Opposite Words Starting with Q

Words Opposite Words
Question Answer
Quiet Noisy
Quell Release

Opposite Words Starting with R

Words Opposite Words
Rainy Sunny
Rapid Slow
Real Fake
Refuse Accept
Remember Forget
Regular Irregular
Right Left
Rise Sink
Risky Safe
Rough Smooth
Rude Polite

Opposite Words in English Starting with S

Words Opposite Words
Sad Happy
Safe Unsafe
Same Different
Save Waste
Satisfy Annoy
Seperate Together
Secure Insecure
Selling Buying
Senior Junior
Serious Funny
Sharp Blunt
Shallow Deep
Shout Whisper
Short Long
Silent Noisy
Simple Hard
Singular Plural
Slow Fast
Smart Stupid
Smile Cry
Smooth Rough
Soft Hard
Sorrow Joy
Son Daughter
South North
Spring Autumn
Start End
Stale Fresh
Strict Lenient
Strange Normal
Student Teacher
Success Failure
Sun Moon
Sweet Bitter

Opposite Words Starting with T

Words Opposite Words
Tall Short
Teach Learn
There Here
Then Now
Thin Thick
Tight Loose
Together Seperate
Tough Easy
Total Partial
True False
Try Rest

Opposite Words in English Starting with U

Words Opposite Words
Ugly Beautiful
Unity Division
Unfold Fold
Untie Tie
Untold Told
Unconscious Conscious
Up Down
Urban Rural
Useful Useless

Opposite Words in English Starting with V

Words Opposite Words
Vacant Beautiful
Vast Tiny
Vertical Horizontal
Village Town
Visible Invisible
Visitor Host
Voluntary Compulsory

Opposite Words Starting with W

Words Opposite Words
War Peace
Waste Save
Wealth Poverty
Wedding Divorce
West East
White Black
Wife Husband
Wisdom Stupidity
Woman Man
Worried Calm
Worm Rush
Worn Fresh
Worst Best
Wrap Unwrap
Wrong Right
Wobble Stay

Opposite Words Starting with Y

Words Opposite Words
Yes No
Yesterday Today

Opposite Words Starting with Z

Words Opposite Words
Zeal Indifference
Zip Unzip
Zoom in Zoom out

Opposite Words in English (Pictures)

Opposite Words in English, opposite words a to z, Antonyms words
Opposite Words in English (Antonyms)
Opposite Words in English, opposite words a to z, Opposite Words list, Antonyms words

Final Thoughts

Learning opposite Words can be a fun and engaging way to expand your vocabulary. By memorizing these opposite words, you’ll be able to communicate more effectively and precisely in English. So go ahead and use this list as a starting point to improve your language skills. Happy learning!

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