100+ Useful Examples of Preposition in Sentences

100+ Useful Examples of Preposition in Sentences

Preposition examples: Prepositions are an essential part of the English language. They help us understand the relationship between words and phrases in a sentence. In this article, we delve into the world of prepositions, unraveling their definition, functions, and usage through a comprehensive exploration of over 100 examples. We aim to provide you with a clear understanding of what prepositions are, how they function within sentences, and how they contribute to the overall meaning and structure of your communication.

Preposition definition and examples

Preposition Definition

A preposition is a word that shows the relationship between a noun or pronoun and another word in a sentence. The word that follows the preposition is called the object of the preposition. Prepositions can indicate direction, time, place, or possession.

Examples of Prepositions

  • Direction: She walked towards the park.
  • Time: We will meet at 6 pm.
  • Place: The book is on the table.
  • Possession: The keys belong to John.

Other common prepositions include “in,” “out,” “up,” “down,” “over,” “under,” “through,” and “between.”

100+ Preposition Examples

Here are more than 100 examples of prepositions:
  1. in
  2. on
  3. at
  4. to
  5. from
  6. into
  7. onto
  8. upon
  9. beside
  10. between
  11. among
  12. against
  13. around
  14. before
  15. behind
  16. below
  17. beneath
  18. besides
  19. beyond
  20. by
  21. down
  22. during
  23. except
  24. for
  25. of
  26. off
  27. over
  28. past
  29. round
  30. since
  31. through
  32. throughout
  33. till
  34. to
  35. towards
  36. under
  37. underneath
  38. until
  39. up
  40. upon
  41. with
  42. within
  43. without
  44. aboard
  45. about
  46. above
  47. across
  48. after
  49. along
  50. amid
  51. amidst
  52. amongst
  53. as
  54. astride
  55. at
  56. before
  57. behind
  58. below
  59. beneath
  60. beside
  61. between
  62. beyond
  63. but
  64. by
  65. concerning
  66. considering
  67. despite
  68. down
  69. during
  70. except
  71. for
  72. from
  73. in
  74. inside
  75. into
  76. like
  77. near
  78. next
  79. of
  80. off
  81. on
  82. onto
  83. opposite
  84. out
  85. outside
  86. over
  87. past
  88. regarding
  89. round
  90. since
  91. through
  92. throughout
  93. to
  94. towards
  95. under
  96. underneath
  97. unlike
  98. until
  99. unto
  100. up
  101. upon
  102. via
  103. with
  104. within
  105. without.
These are just a few examples of prepositions in English, but there are many more that can be used in different contexts and situations.

List of Prepositions With Example Sentences

Here is a list of common prepositions with examples of how they can be used:
  1. Above: The stars shine above us.
  2. Aboard – The passengers were all aboard the ship before it left the dock.
  3. About – The young couple talked about their plans for the future.
  4. Across: She walked across the bridge.
  5. After: We went to the park after lunch.
  6. Against: The ball hit against the wall.
  7. Along: They walked along the beach.
  8. Amid: The bird flew amid the trees.
  9. Among: The book is among the papers.
  10. Around: She drew a circle around the number.
  11. As: She worked as a teacher at the local elementary school.
  12. At: They arrived at the station.
  13. Before: He went to bed before midnight.
  14. Behind: The cat is hiding behind the curtains.
  15. Below: The submarine is below the surface.
  16. Beneath: The treasure is buried beneath the sand.
  17. Beside: He sat beside her.
  18. Between: The car is parked between the two trees.
  19. Beyond: There are mountains beyond the horizon.
  20. But: He was smart, but lazy, and refused to do his work.
  21. By: We went by car to the beach.
  22. Concerning – She has an important news concerning you.
  23. Despite: Despite the rain, the runners continued on their marathon.
  24. Down: The ball rolled down the hill.
  25. During: They played a game during the party.
  26. Except: All of the cookies were eaten except for one.
  27. For: We bought a gift for our friend.
  28. From: The letter is from my sister.
  29. In: She is in the kitchen.
  30. Inside: The dog is inside the kennel.
  31. Into: He jumped into the river.
  32. Like: I feel like a million dollars.
  33. Near: The store is near the park.
  34. Of: The cup is made of glass.
  35. Off: The dog ran off.
  36. On: The book is on the table.
  37. Onto: He climbed onto the roof.
  38. Out: The cat ran out the door.
  39. Outside: She is waiting outside.
  40. Over: The plane flew over the mountains.
  41. Past: He walked past the store.
  42. Regarding – We must contact them regarding the schedule.
  43. Round – The earth revolves around the sun.
  44. Since: We haven’t talked since last year.
  45. Through: The car drove through the tunnel.
  46. Throughout: The party lasted throughout the night.
  47. Till / Until – She waited till / until her friend arrived.
  48. To: They went to the store.
  49. Toward: He walked toward the beach.
  50. Towards: The puppy raced towards its owner, wagging its tail in excitement.
  51. Under: The blanket is under the bed.
  52. Underneath: The book is underneath the pillow.
  53. Unlike – The two sisters look unlike each other.
  54. Until: They waited until midnight.
  55. Unto: The gift was given unto her with sincere love and gratitude.
  56. Up: The bird flew up into the sky.
  57. Upon: She stumbled upon a treasure.
  58. With: She went to the movie with her friends.
  59. Within: The solution is within your grasp.
  60. Without: She sometimes goes without breakfast.

Preposition Examples in Sentences

Here are some examples of prepositions used in sentences:

  1. She is in the kitchen.
  2. The book is on the table.
  3. I will meet you at the park.
  4. I am going to the store from my house.
  5. She jumped into the pool.
  6. The cat jumped onto the bed.
  7. The bird flew upon the branch.
  8. He stood beside the tree.
  9. The ball rolled between the chairs.
  10. The flowers are among the weeds.
  11. The soldier fought against the enemy.
  12. The children ran around the playground.
  13. We arrived before the movie started.
  14. The thief was hiding behind the bushes.
  15. The water is below the bridge.
  16. The treasure is buried beneath the sand.
  17. He stood besides his father.
  18. The journey took them beyond the mountains.
  19. The books are arranged by the author’s last name.
  20. The glass fell down the stairs.
  21. The ceremony took place during the evening.
  22. The book is reserved for you except if someone else checks it out.
  23. He worked hard for the promotion.
  24. The color of the sky changed from blue to pink.
  25. The squirrel ran into the tree.
  26. The plane took off from the runway.
  27. The bird perched on the wire.
  28. He drove over the bridge.
  29. The car went past the traffic light.
  30. The circle goes around the center.
  31. The sun has been shining since the morning.
  32. She walked through the woods.
  33. The rain fell throughout the day.
  34. I will wait until you arrive.
  35. He ran to the finish line.
  36. The kids walked towards the playground.
  37. The mouse hid under the table.
  38. The money is underneath the mattress.
  39. I will work on this project within the given time.
  40. She left without saying goodbye.

These are just a few examples, but prepositions are commonly used in everyday speech and writing.

Common Mistakes with Prepositions

Using prepositions correctly can be challenging, even for native speakers. Here are some common mistakes to avoid:

1. Using the wrong preposition: For example, saying “I am on the phone with my friend” instead of “I am talking to my friend on the phone.”

2. Omitting prepositions: For example, saying “I went the store” instead of “I went to the store.”

3. Using prepositions unnecessarily: For example, saying “the reason why” instead of “the reason.”

Tips for Using Prepositions Correctly

Here are some tips to help you use prepositions correctly:

  1. Learn common prepositions and their usage in different contexts.
  2. Use prepositions sparingly and only when necessary.
  3. Pay attention to prepositions when reading or listening to English.
  4. Practice using prepositions in your writing and speaking.


Prepositions are an important part of English grammar. They help us express relationships between words and phrases in a sentence. By understanding Definition of preposition with Examples and their usage, we can communicate more effectively and avoid common mistakes.

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