1000 Verb Forms With Urdu Meaning – A to Z Verb List | PDF

1000 Forms of Verb with Urdu Meaning – A to Z Verb List | PDF

Today, we are going to give you 1000 verb forms with urdu meaning. Remember the three most used verb forms (1st 2nd 3rd) with Urdu meaning for speaking English.
Verb forms are widely used in English because if you want to write or speak English better, you need to learn and use verb forms in your conversation. Verb forms change the meaning of speech. These forms of verb help us to understand the duration we want to describe.
There are three basic forms of verbs in English grammar which are listed below with their Urdu meanings.
You will find here 1st 2nd 3rd Forms of Verb with Urdu Meaning. We have listed 1000 verb forms with urdu meaning in alphabetical order. Also these verbs with Urdu meaning are available in PDF format.
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List 1000 Verb Forms With Urdu Meaning (A to Z)

Verb Forms Starting with A

Here are 35 verb forms with urdu meaning starting with A.
Base Form
Past Participle
Abide برداشت کرنا abode abode
Act عمل کرنا
کاروائی کرنا
acted acted
Achieve حاصل کرنا achieved achieved
Admit داخل کرنا
اعتراف کرنا
admitted admitted
Adjust مرتب کرنا Adjusted Adjusted
Agree متفق ہونا Agreed Agreed
Allow اجازت دینا Allowed Allowed
Answer جواب دینا Answered Answered
Apply درخواست دینا
عمل میں لانا
Applied Applied
Argue بحث کرنا Argued Argued
Appear ظاہر ہونا Appeared Appeared
Arrest گرفتار کرنا Arrested Arrested
Arise پیدا ہونا
نمودار ہونا
Arose Arisen
Approach پہنچنا Approached Approached
Ask پوچھنا
Asked Asked
Arrange ترتیب دینا
اہتمام کرنا
Arranged Arranged
Astonish حیران کرنا Astonished Astonished
Assert اعلان کرنا
Asserted Asserted
Approve منظور کرنا Approved Approved
Apologize معافی مانگنا Apologized Apologized
Announce اعلان کرنا Announced Announced
Advise مشورہ دینا Advised Advised
Animate زندگی بخشنا Animated Animated
Alight اترنا Alit Alit
Afford استطاعت رکھنا Afforded Afforded
Attack حملہ کرنا Attacked Attacked
Awake جگانا، جاگنا Awoke Awoken
Attend موجود ہونا
حاضر ہونا
Attended Attended
Acquire حاصل کرنا Acquired Acquired
Add شامل کرنا، ملانا Added Added
Accept قبول کرنا Accepted Accepted
Admire سراہنا، تعریف کرنا Admired Admired
Avoid ٹالنا، بچنا Avoided Avoided
Ache درد ہونا Ached Ached
Absorb جذب کرنا Absorbed Absorbed

Forms of verbs starting with B

46 verbs starting with B with Urdu meaning.
Base Form
Past Participle
Be (is, am, are ہونا، موجود ہونا Was / Were Been
Beat مارنا پیٹنا Beat Beaten
Become ہونا یا ہونے کو ہونا Became Become
Bear بوجھ اُٹھانا Bore Borne
Beg مانگنا Begged Begged
Bang دھماکہ کرنا Banged Banged
Believe عقیدہ رکھنا، اعتبار کرنا Believed Believed
Boil ابالنا Boiled Boiled
Bet داؤ لگانا Bet Bet
Bid بولی لگانا Bid Bid
Break توڑنا، ٹوٹنا Broke Broken
Bash کاری ضرب لگانا Bashed Bashed
Banish شہر بدر کرنا Banished Banished
Beautify حسین بنانا Beautified Beautified
Betray دھوکہ دینا Betrayed Betrayed
Bite دانت سے کاٹنا Bit Bitten
Beseech التجاکرنا Besought Besought
Begin شروع کرنا Began Begun
Bend موڑنا Bent Bent
Belong Belonged Belonged
Bleed خون بہنا Bled Bled
Board سوار ہونا Boarded Boarded
Bray رینکنا Brayed Brayed
Bring لانا Brought Brought
Breathe سانس لینا Breathed Breathed
Breed جننا ،پیدا کرنا Bred Bred
Bow جھکنا Bowed Bowed
Behave سلوک کرنا Behaved Behaved
Behold دیکھنا Beheld Beheld
Bless دعا دینا Blessed Blessed
Blush شرمانا Blushed Blushed
Blossom کھلنا، جوبن پر آنا Blossomed Blossomed
Boast ڈینگیں مارنا Boasted Boasted
Blow بہنا، جھکڑ چلنا Blew Blown
Build تعمیر کرنا، بنانا Built Built
Bring لانا Brought Brought
Bury دفن کرنا Buried Buried
Burn جلنا یا جلانا Burnt Burnt
Buy خریدنا Bought Bought
Burst پھٹ پڑنا Burst Burst
Buzz بھن بھن کرنا، گنگنانا Buzzed Buzzed
Brush برش کرنا Brushed Brushed
Boast ڈینگیں مارنا Boasted Boasted
Blur دُھندلانا Blurred Blurred
Bind باندھنا، کسنا Bound Bound
Befall واقع ہونا Befell Befallen

Forms of verbs starting with C

Take a look at 108 verbs that start with C with Urdu meaning.
Base Form
Past Participle
Call بلانا، فون کرنا Called Called
Cast پھینکنا Cast Cast
Change بدل دینا Changed Changed
Chat گپ شپ کرنا Chatted Chatted
Catch پکڑنا Caught Caught
Chase پیچھا کرنا Chased Chased
Carry لے کر چلنا Carried Carried
Celebrate جشن منانا Celebrated Celebrated
Charg الزام لگانا، دام وصول کرنا Charged Charged
Carve کندہ کرنا Carved Carved
Cash نقدی دینا یا حاصل کرنا Cashed Cashed
Cause سبب ہونا، وجہ بننا Caused Caused
Cease رکنا، روکنا Ceased Ceased
Check معائنہ کرنا Checked Checked
Cheer ہمت افزائی کرنا،خوش کرنا Cheered Cheered
Caress تھپتھپانا Caressed Caressed
Calculate گمان کرنا،پیشگی تخمینہ لگانا Calculated Calculated
Capture گرفتار کرنا Captured Captured
Confuse الجھن میں ڈالنا Confused Confused
Connect ملانا، جوڑنا Connected Connected
Confess اعتراف کرنا Confessed Confessed
Confine محدود کرنا Confined Confined
Consent رضامندی ظاہر کرنا Consented Consented
Consider زیر غور لانا Considered Considered
Conserve محفوظ کرنا Conserved Breathed
Catch پکڑنا Caught Caught
Conduct چلانا،رہبری کرنا Conducted Conducted
Consult مشورہ چاہنا Consulted Consulted
Construct تعمیرکرنا Constructed Constructed
Constrain مجبور کرنا Constrained Constrained
Control قابو میں رکھنا Controlled Controlled
Convert تبدیل کرنا Converted Converted
Convey مال برداری کرنا Conveyed Conveyed
Coo کوکنا Cooed Cooed
Cook پکانا Cooked Cooked
Cool ٹھنڈا ہونا، ٹھنڈا کرنا Cooled Cooled
Convince قائل کرنا Convinced Convinced
Cope گرفتار کرنا Coped Cope
Copy نقل کرنا Copied Copied
Contract سکڑنا یا سکیڑنا Contracted Contracted
Cost قیمت کا اندازہ لگانا Cost Cost
Convene منعقدکرنا Convened Convened
Convict مجرم ثابت کرنا Convicted Convicted
Confiscate ضبط کر لینا Confiscated Confiscated
Complain شکایت کرنا Complained Complained
Complete مکمل کرنا Completed Completed
Conclude نتیجہ اخذ کرنا Concluded Concluded
Collapse ڈھانا، گرانا Collapsed Collapsed
Compare تقابل کرنا Compared Compared
Close بند کرنا Closed Closed
Come آنا Came Come
Consign حوالے کرنا Consigned Consigned
Consist ترکیب پانا Consisted Consisted
Continue جاری رکھنا Continued Continued
Canvass ووٹ مانگنا Canvassed Canvassed
Cause Caused Caused
Chide دھمکانا Chid Chid/Chidden
Chip کاٹنا یا چھاٹنا Chipped Chopped
Classify درجہ بندی کرنا Classified Classified
Click کھٹکا کرنا Clicked Clicked
Climb چڑھنا Climbed Climbed
Compel مجبور کرنا Compelled Compelled
Comment تبصرہ کرنا Commented Commented
Conquer فتح یاب ہونا Conquered Conquered
Console دلاسا دینا Consoled Consoled
Constitute رکن ہونا Constituted Constituted
Conspire ساز باز کرنا Conspired Conspired
Consort رفاقت کرنا Consorted Consorted
Contain مشتمل ہونا Contained Contained
Contest مقابلہ کرنا Contested Contested
Contrast مقابل لانا Contrasted Contrasted
Contrive اختراع کرنا Contrived Contrived
Converge آملنا Converged Converged
Corrode تحلیل کرنا Corroded Corroded
Corrupt آلودہ کرنا Corrupted Corrupted
Cough کھانسنا Coughed Coughed
Count شمار کرنا Counted Counted
Cower خوف سے دیکھنا Cowered Cowered
Course روانی کرنا Coursed Coursed
Cover ڈھانپنا Covered Covered
Creep کھسکنا، رینگنا Crept Crept
Create تخلیق کرنا Created Created
Crash زور سے ٹکرانا Crashed Crashed
Crave تمنا کرنا Craved Craved
Cry رونا Cried Cried
Crush کچلنا Crushed Crushed
Crowd ہجوم کرنا Crowded Crowded
Cross پار کرنا Crossed Crossed
Cure شفا دینا Cured Cured
Curve دائرے کی شکل میں گھومنا Curved Curved
Curb روکنا، کھینچنا Curbed Curbed
Crack شگاف ڈالنا Cracked Cracked
Crib چربا کرنا،چرانا Cribbed Cribbed
Crackle چٹر پٹر کرنا Crackled Crackled
Cut کاٹنا Cut Cut
Cycle بائیسکل پر سواری کرنا Cycled Cycled
Cope نبٹنا Coped Coped
Cease رکنا، روکنا Ceased Ceased
Caress ناز برداری کرنا Caressed Caressed
Chase پیچھا کرنا Chased Chased
Chew چبانا Chewed Chewed
Choke دم گھونٹنا Choked Choked
Clean صاف ہونا یا کرنا Cleaned Cleaned
Cleave چمٹارہنا Clove Cloven
Cling منسلک رہنا Clung Clung
Construe تعبیر کرنا، شرح کرنا Construed Construed
Contend کوشش کرنا؛ لڑنا Contended Contended
Converse بات چیت کرنا Conversed Conversed
یہ بھی پڑھیں! 

Forms of verbs starting with D

The following list of over 60 verbs that start with D with Urdu meaning is for you.
Base Form
Past Participle
Do کرنا Did Done
Download ڈاؤن لوڈ کرنا Downloaded Downloaded
Donate عطیہ دینا Donated Donated
Dream خواب دیکھنا Dreamt Dreamt
Drink پینا Drank Drunk
Drive گاڑی چلانا Drove Driven
Dress کپڑے پہنانا Dressed Dressed
Dry خشک کرنا Dried Dried
Drill سوراخ کرنا Drilled Drilled
Drop قطرے ٹپکنا یا ٹپکانا، گرانا Dropped Dropped
Draw کھینچنا، کھولنا Drew Drawn
Drag گھسیٹنا Dragged Dragged
Dump پٹکنا Dumped Dumped
Dye رنگنا Dyed Dyed
Decide فیصلہ کرنا Decided Decided
Declare اعلان کرنا Declared Declared
Decorate  مزیّن کرنا Decorated Decorated
Develop پختہ صورت دینا یا پانا Developed Developed
Determine دریافت کرنا Determined Determined
Destroy ڈھانا، برباد کرنا Destroyed Destroyed
Detect تاڑنا، پتہ لگانا Detected Detected
Deal معاملہ کرنا Dealt Dealt
Decay سڑنا، گلنا Decayed Decayed
Delete مٹانا Deleted Deleted
Deny نامنظور کرنا، غلط ٹھہرانا Denied Denied
Depend منحصر ہونا Depended Depended
Derive استخراج کرنا Derived Derived
Decrease گھٹانا Decreased Decreased
Dedicate انتساب کرنا،وقف کردینا Dedicated Dedicated
Delay تاخیر کرنا Delayed Delayed
Deprive روکنا، محروم کرنا Deprived Deprived
Detach کھولنا، الگ کرنا Detached Detached
Desire آرزو کرنا Desired Desired
Describe بیان کرنا Described Described
Dive غوطہ لگانا Dived Dived
Disturb خلل ڈالنا Disturbed Disturbed
Divide تقسیم کرنا یا ہونا Divided Divided
Disuse استعمال چھوڑ دینا Disused Disused
Discuss تبادلۂ خیال کرنا Discussed Discussed
Discover دریافت کرنا Discovered Discovered
Distribute بانٹنا، تقسیم کرنا Distributed Distributed
Dispose مائل کرنا Disposed Disposed
Dip ڈبکی دینا، بھگونا Dipped Dipped
Dine کھانا تناول کرنا Dined Dined
Direct ہدایت کاری کرنا Directed Directed
Disobey نافرمانی کرنا Disobeyed Disobeyed
Disappear نظروں سے اوجھل ہو جانا Disappeared Disappeared
Display نمائش کرنا۔ Displayed Displayed
Dim دُھند لانا Dimmed Dimmed
Diminish گھٹنا یا گھٹانا Diminished Diminished
Die مرنا Died Died
Dig کھودنا Dug Dug
Digest ہضم کرنا Digested Digested
Differ مختلف ہونا Differed Differed
Dance رقص کرنا Danced Danced
Dazzle خیرہ کرنا Dazzled Dazzled
Dare ہمت یا جسارت کرنا Dared Dared
Dash تیزی سے دوڑ پڑنا Dashed Dashed
Damage نقصان پہنچانا Damaged Damaged
Damp گیلا کرنا Damped Damped

Forms of verbs starting with E

Look at these useful verbs that start with E with Urdu meaning
Base Form
Past Participle
Exist وجود رکھنا Existed Existed
Explain وضاحت کرنا Explained Explained
Expect توقع رکھنا Expected Expected
Explore دریافت کرنا Explored Explored
Extend بڑھانا Extended Extended
Express اظہار کرنا Expressed Expressed
Erase مٹانا Erased Erased
Escape فرار کرنا/ہونا Escaped Escaped
Exclude نکال باہر کرنا Excluded Excluded
Exchange باہمی تبادلہ کرنا Exchanged Exchanged
Exclaim پکار اٹھنا Exclaimed Exclaimed
Expand بڑا ہونا Expanded Expanded
Empty خالی ہونا/کرنا Emptied Emptied
Evaporate تحلیل ہونا Evaporated Evaporated
Empower مجاز بنانا Empowered Empowered
Enjoy لطف اٹھانا Enjoyed Enjoyed
Enter داخل ہونا/کرنا Entered Entered
Envy رشک یا رقابت رکھنا Envied Envied
Encourage ہمت دلانا Encouraged Encouraged
Endanger خطرے میں ڈالنا Endangered Endangered
Engrave نقش کرنا Engraved Engraved
Encroach غصب کرنا Encroached Encroached
Enlarge وسیع ہونا Enlarged Enlarged
Endure جھیلنا Endured Endured
Endorse توثیق، تصدیق کرنا Endorsed Endorsed
Educate تعلیم مہیا کرنا Educated Educated
Enlighten روشنی ڈالنا Enlightened Enlightened
Earn کمانا Earned Earned
Eye غور سے دیکھنا Eyed Eyed
Eat کھانا Ate Eaten
Embed اپنے اندر سما لینا Embedded Embedded
Enable اختیار دینا Enabled Enabled
End ختم ہونا/کرنا Ended Ended

Forms of verbs starting with F

43 verbs starting with F with Urdu meaning.
Base Form
Past Participle
Find ڈھونڈنا، پانا Found Found
Fight لڑنا Fought Fought
Fix درست کرنا Fixed Fixed
Fizz سسکاری بھرنا Fizzed Fizzed
Finish ختم کرنا، مکمل کرنا Finished Finished
Fit مناسب ہونا Fit/fitted Fit/fitted
Fill بھرنا Filled Filled
Free آزاد کرنا Freed Freed
Fulfill پورا کرنا، نبھانا Fulfilled Fulfilled
Fry تلنا Fried Fried
Frame فٹ کرنا، سازش کرنا Framed Framed
Frighten ڈرانا Frightened Frightened
Feed کھلانا،دودھ پلانا Fed Fed
Freeze 🥶 منجمد ہونا یا کرنا Froze Frozen
Flop ٹھپ ہو جانا، پھڑ پھڑانا Flopped Flopped
Fly اڑنا Flew Flown
Flash اچانک چمکنا یا چمکانا Flashed Flashed
Float مائع سطح پر تیرنا Floated Floated
Fetch بلاکر لانا Fetched Fetched
Flee فرار ہونا Fled Fled
Fling زور سے پھینکنا Flung Flung
Ferry پانی کو عبور کرنا Ferried Ferried
Force مجبور کرنا، باز رکھنا Forced Forced
Found بنیاد ڈالنا Founded Founded
Follow پیروی کرنا Followed Followed
Forlese Forlore Forlorn
Foretell پیشین گوئی کرنا Foretold Foretold
Form وضع کرنا,گھڑنا Formed Formed
Fold تہ کرنا Folded Folded
Fax 📠 فیکس کرنا Faxed Faxed
Forbid روکنا، باز رکھنا Forbade Forbidden
Forgive معاف کرنا Forgave Forgiven
Forget بھول جانا Forgot Forgotten
Forecast پیشین گوئی کرنا Forecasted Forecasted
Fail ناکام ہونا Failed Failed
Fall گرنا Fell Fallen
Favour پاسداری برتنا Favoured Favoured
Face رخ کرنا ، نمٹنا Faced Faced
Faint غش کھانا Fainted Fainted
Fan ہوا دینا، پنکھا جھلنا Fanned Fanned
Fancy رغبت ہونا Fancied Fancied
Fish مچھلی کا شکار کرنا Fished Fished
Flap پھڑپھڑانا Flapped Flapped

Forms of verbs starting with G

This is a list of forms of verbs beginning with G with Urdu meaning.

Base Form
Past Participle
Gain پانا، حاصل کرنا Gained Gained
Gaze ٹکٹکی باندھ کر دیکھنا Gazed Gazed
Gash شگاف ڈالنا Gashed Gashed
Gainsay انکار کرنا Gainsaid Gainsaid
Give دینا، ہبہ کرنا Gave Given
Get حاصل کرنا، پانا Got Got
Glow تمتمانا، شعلے کے بغیر دہکنا Glowed Glowed
Gag زباں بندی کرنا Gagged Gagged
Glance سرسری نظر ڈالنا Glanced Glanced
Glitter چمکنا Glittered Glittered
Govern حکومت کرنا Governed Governed
Go جانا Went Went
Google گوگل پر تلاش کرنا Googled Googled
Grant قبول کرنا Granted Granted
Grow ترقی کرنا، اگانا Grew Grown
Grip مضبوطی سے پکڑنا Gripped Gripped
Grab جھپٹ کر پکڑ لینا Grabbed Grabbed
Greet سلام دعاکرنا Greeted Greeted
Grind پیسنا Ground Ground
Grade درجہ بندی کرنا Graded Graded
Guess اندازہ لگانا Guessed Guessed
Guide رہنمائی کرنا Guided Guided
Guard چوکیداری کرنا Guarded Guarded
Grunt غرانا، بڑبڑانا Grunted Grunted
Gush اُبلنا یا بہنا Gushed Gushed
Grope ٹٹولنا Groped Groped
Gossip گپ شپ کرنا Gossiped Gossiped
Gather اکٹھا کرنا یا ہونا Gathered Gathered
Gasp ہانپنا Gasped Gasped
Grace عزت افزائی کرنا Graced Graced

Forms of verbs starting with H

Enjoy 30 popular “H” verbs with Urdu meanings.
Base Form
Past Participle
Help مدد کرنا Helped Helped
Heal زخم بھرنا، شفا دینا Healed Healed
Hear سننا Heard Heard
Hide چھپنا، چھپانا Hid Hidden
Hew کاٹنا،چرکے لگانا Hewed Hewn
Heave ڈھونا، کھینچنا۔ Hove Hove
Have رکھنا، ملکیت میں ہونا Had Had
Hit مارنا، ضرب لگانا Hit Hit
Hinder رکاوٹ ڈالنا، ملتوی کرانا Hindered Hindered
Hiss پھنکارنا Hissed Hissed
Hope امید رکھنا Hoped Hoped
Hop پھلانگنا،پُھدکنا Hopped Hopped
Hug گلے ملنا، معانقہ کرنا Hugged Hugged
Humm پہنچنا Hummed Hummed
Horrify ڈرانا Horrified Horrified
Hoax دل لگی کرنا Hoaxed Hoaxed
Hate نفرت کرنا Hated Hated
Hatch نسل بڑھانا،سازش کرنا Hatched Hatched
Handle سلجھانا، سنبھالنا Handled Handled
Happen ہونا، واقع ہونا Happened Happened
Harm تکلیف دینا Harmed Harmed
Hang لٹکانا،آویزاں کرنا Hung Hung
Hunt شکار کرنا Hunted Hunted
Hypnotize 😵‍💫 عملِ تنویم کرنا Hypnotized Hypnotized
Hustle دھکیلنا Hustled Hustled
Hurt 🤕 آزار دینا Hurt Hurt
Hurl پھینکنا، اچھالنا Hurled Hurled
Humiliate بے عزتی کرنا Humiliated Humiliated
Hurry جلدی کرنا Hurried Hurried
Hush چپ ہو جانا یا کرانا Hushed Hushed

Forms of verbs starting with I

Enjoy 70 popular “I” verbs with Urdu meanings.

Base Form
Past Participle
Ignore نظر انداز کرنا Ignored Ignored
Ignite  آگ لگانا، جلانا Ignited Ignited
Install نصب کرنا Installed Installed
Insert داخل کرنا Inserted Inserted
Inform مطلع کرنا Informed Informed
Insult بے عزت کرنا Insulted Insulted
Input اندر ڈالنا Input Input
Invite دعوت دینا Invited Invited
Introduce تعارف کرانا Introduced Introduced
Insure بیمہ کرانا/کرنا Insured Insured
Invent ایجاد کرنا Invented Invented
Inspire  اکسانا، کوئی احساس پیدا کرنا Inspired Inspired
Inspect معائنہ کرنا Inspected Inspected
Innovate نئی چیز پیدا کرنا Innovated Innovated
Integrate کامل کرنا Integrated Integrated
Inscribe لکھنا، کندہ کرنا Inscribed Inscribed
Inquire دریافت کرنا Inquired Inquired
Injure زخمی کرنا Injured Injured
Inlay جڑنا Inlaid Inlaid
Increase اضافہ کرنا Increased Increased
Indicate اشارہ کرنا Indicated Indicated
Infect متاثر کرنا Infected Infected
Induce ترغیب دینا Induced Induced
Indent حاشیہ کشادہ کرنا Indented Indented
Incise تراشنا، کندہ کرنا Incised Incised
Include شامل ہونا/کرنا Included Included
Inflame جلانا، روشن کرنا Inflamed Inflamed
Infuse انڈیلنا Infused Infused
Inflect جھکانا، موڑنا Inflected Inflected
Infest ایذا دینا Infested Infested
Inculcate دل میں بٹھانا Inculcated Inculcated
Indulge لطف اندوز ہونا Indulged Indulged
Inaugurate افتتاح کرنا Inaugurated Inaugurated
Inflate پھونکنا Inflated Inflated
Infringe انحراف کرنا Infringed Infringed
Inject سوئی لگانا، داخل کرنا Injected Injected
Inhabit رہنا، بسنا Inhabited Inhabited
Initiate آغاز کرنا، واقف کرانا Initiated Initiated
Ingest نگلنا Ingested Ingested
Inherit وارث ہونا Inherited Inherited
Imagine تصور کرنا، سوچنا Imagined Imagined
Import درآمد کرنا Imported Imported
Impress متاثر کرنا Impressed Impressed
Improve بہتر کرنا Improved Improved
Imbibe چوس لینا، پی لینا Imbibed Imbibed
Imitate پیروی کرنا Imitated Imitated
Immure گھیرنا، قید کرنا Immured Immured
Impair خراب کرنا Impaired Impaired
Impart عطاء کرنا Imparted Imparted
Imprint ٹھپہ لگانا، ذہن پر نقش کرنا Imprinted Imprinted
Imprison قید کرنا Imprisoned Imprisoned
Immolate قربانی کرنا Immolated Immolated
Implant بونا، جمانا Implanted Implanted
Implicate ملوث کرنا Implicated Implicated
Implore التجا کرنا Implored Implored
Implode اندرونی طور پر بھڑکنا Imploded Imploded
Imply دلالت کرنا Implied Implied
Impinge اثر انداز ہونا Impinged Impinged
Impel آگے ڈھکیلنا Impaled Impaled
Imperil خطرہ مول لینا Imperilled Imperilled
Impend قریب الوقوع ہوںا Impended Impended
Impart عطاء کرنا Imparted Imparted
Impede روکنا Impeded Impeded
Impeach مواخذہ کرنا Impeached Impeached
Impose عائد کرنا Imposed Imposed
Identify شناخت کرنا Identified Identified
Idolize بت بنانا Idolized Idolized
Illumine روشن کرنا Illumined Illumined
Illustrate شرح کرنا Illustrated Illustrated
Ill-treat ناروا سلوک کرنا Ill-treated Ill-treated
Idealize مثالی بنانا Idealized Idealized
Illuminate روشن کرنا Illuminated Illuminated

Forms of verbs starting with J

Form of verbs starting with J with Urdu meaning.
Base Form
Past Participle
Jump اچھلنا Jumped Jumped
Justify انصاف کرنا Justified Justified
Join شامل ہونا Joined Joined

Forms of verbs starting with K

Forms of ‘K’ verbs with Urdu meaning
Base Form
Past Participle
Know جاننا Knew Known
Kill قتل کرنا Killed Killed
Kiss بوسہ دینا، چومنا Kissed Kissed
Knock کھٹکھٹانا، دستک دینا Knocked Knocked
Kick 🦶 لات مارنا Kicked Kicked
Kneel گھٹنا ٹیکنا Knelt Knelt
Knit 🧶 بننا Knit Knit
Keep رکھنا، جاری رکھنا Kept Kept
Kid مذاق کرنا Kidded Kidded
Kidnap اغواء کرنا Kidnapped Kidnapped
Ken ایک نظر میں پہچان لینا Kent Kent
Keel پلٹانا، ڈھانا Keeled Keeled

Forms of verbs starting with L

Forms of verbs beginning with L with Urdu meaning.
Base Form
Past Participle
Learn سیکھنا Learnt Learnt
Lie 🤥 جھوٹ بولنا Lied Lied
Lie لیٹنا Lay Lain
Like پسند کرنا Liked Liked
Love محبت کرنا Loved Loved
Lose کھونا، ہارنا Lost Lost
Look دیکھنا، تلاش کرنا Looked Looked
Lade لادنا، بار کرنا Laded Laden
Land Landed Landed
Last بحث کرنا Lasted Lasted
Lear ظاہر ہونا Led Led
Leak رسنا Leaked Leaked
Lean جھکنا Leant Leant
Leave چھوڑنا Left Left
Leap اچھلنا، پھلانگنا Leapt Leapt
Leer Leered Leered
Listen سننا Listened Listened
Live زندہ رہنا Lived Lived
Limp لنگڑا کر چلنا Limped Limped
Lend ادھار دینا Lent Lent
Light 🕯️ روشن کرنا Lit Lit
Lift اٹھانا Lifted Lifted
Let اجازت دینا، کرنے دینا Let Let
Laugh ہنسنا Laughed Laughed
Latch استطاعت رکھنا Latched Latched
Lay لٹانا Laid Laid
Lick چاٹنا Included Included

Forms of verbs starting with M

Forms of Verbs beginning with M with Urdu meanings.
Base Form
Past Participle
Mix ملانا Mixed Mixed
Mistake غلطی کرنا Mistook Mistaken
Misuse غلط استعمال کرنا Misused Misused
Mislead گمراہ کرنا Misled Misled
Miss یاد کرنا، موقع کھو دینا Missed Missed
Meet ملنا، ملاقات کرنا Met Met
Mean مطلب ہونا، دل میں رکھنا Meant Meant
Melt پگھلنا، پگھلانا Melted Melted
Mew پنجرے میں بند کرنا، بلی کا میاؤں کرنا Mewed Mewed
Moan کراہنا Moaned Moaned
Motivate ترغیب دینا Motivated Motivated
Measure ناپنا Measured Measured
Milk دودھ دوہنا Milked Milked
Move منتقل ہونا/کرنا Moved Moved
Merge مدغم ہونا/کرنا Merged Merged
Modify ترمیم کرنا Modified Modified
Mow گھاس کاٹنا Mowed Mown
Migrate ہجرت کرنا Migrated Migrated
Mind برا ماننا Minded Minded
Mould سنوارنا، ڈھالنا Moulded Moulded
Moo گائے کا آواز نکالنا Mooed Mooed
Moult پرچھاڑنا Moulted Moulted
Make بنانا، وضع کرنا Made Made
Marry شادی کرنا Married Married
Match مقابلہ کرانا، مماثل ہونا Matched Matched
Mark نشان لگانا Marked Marked
Maintain برقرار رکھنا Maintained Maintained
Manage انتظام کرنا Managed Managed
Multiply ضرب دینا Multiplied Multiplied
Murmur گنگنانا Murmured Murmured
Matter اہمیت رکھنا Mattered Mattered
March گشت کرنا Marched Marched
Mash پیسنا، کچلنا Mashed Mashed
Magnify بڑا کرنا Magnified Magnified

Forms of verbs starting with N

Forms of Verbs beginning with the consonant N with Urdu meaning.
Base Form
Past Participle
Need ضرورت ہونا Needed Needed
Notice معائنہ کرنا Noticed Noticed
Nurse نرس کا کام کرنا Nursed Nursed
Neglect غفلت برتنا Neglected Neglected
Nod سر ہلانا، ہاں کہنا Nodded Nodded
Note مشاہدہ کرنا Noted Noted
Nail کیل ٹھونکنا Nailed Nailed
Notify مطلع کرنا Notified Notified
Nip چٹکی بھرنا Nipped Nipped
Nap جھپکی لینا Napped Napped
Nourish کھلانا پلانا، پرورش کرنا Nourished Nourished
Narrow گھٹنا، محدود ہونا Narrowed Narrowed
Narrate مفصّل بیان کرنا Narrated Narrated
Navigate جہاز رانی کرنا Navigated Navigated
Nest گھونسلہ بنانا Nested Nested
Nestle بسیرا کر لینا Nestled Nestled
Numb سن کرنا Numbed Numbed
Nut میوے توڑنا، اکٹھے کرنا Nutted Nutted

Forms of verbs starting with O

25 ‘O’ verbs with Urdu meaning.
Base Form
Past Participle
Open کھولنا Opened Opened
Order حکم دینا Ordered Ordered
Organize منظم کرنا Organized Organized
Ooze رسنا، ٹپکنا Oozed Oozed
Output کمپیوٹر کانتیجہ وغیرہ مہیّا کرنا Output Output
Own مالک ہونا Owned Owned
Owe قرضدار ہونا Owed Owed
Offer پیش کرنا Offered Offered
Observe مشاہدہ کرنا Observed Observed
Obey تعمیل کرنا Obeyed Obeyed
Offset متوازن کرنا Offset Offset
Operate چلانا، کام لینا Operated Operated
Overtake آلینا، آگے نکل جانا Overtook Overtaken
Originate پیدا کرنا Originated Originated
Optimize بہتر بنانا Optimized Optimized
Opine رائے کا اظہار کرنا Opined Opined
Overflow  چھلکنا Overflowed Overflowed
Opt انتخاب کرنا Opted Opted
Obtain حاصل کرنا Obtained Obtained
Omit  چھوڑ دینا Omitted Omitted
Occupy قبضہ کرنا Occupied Occupied
Oppress جبر کرنا Oppressed Oppressed
Oblige پابند کرنا Obliged Obliged
Occur واقع ہونا Occurred Occurred
Obstruct رکاوٹ ڈالنا Obstructed Obstructed

Forms of verbs starting with P

60 Popular verbs starting with P with Urdu meaning
Base Form
Past Participle
Punish سزا دینا Punished Punished
Push دھکا دینا Pushed Pushed
Put  رکھنا/رکھوانا Put Put
Protect حفاظت کرنا Protected Protected
Play کھیلنا Played Played
Prove ثابت ہونا/کرنا Proved Proved
Pray دعا مانگنا، نماز پڑھنا Prayed Prayed
Practice مشق کرنا Practiced Practiced
Present پیش کرنا، حاضر ہونا Presented Presented
Print پرنٹ کرنا Printed Printed
Progress ترقی کرنا Progressed Progressed
Promise وعدہ کرنا Promised Promised
Polish پالش کرنا Polished Polished
Permit اجازت دینا Permitted Permitted
Peep جھانکنا Peeped Peeped
Persuade قائل کرنا Persuaded Persuaded
Perish برباد ہونا Perished Perished
Pour انڈیلنا Poured Poured
Point اشارہ کرنا Pointed Pointed
Ponder غور و خوض کرنا Pondered Pondered
Pout بسورنا Pouted Pouted
Pollute آلودہ کرنا Polluted Polluted
Praise تعریف کرنا Praised Praised
Propose تجویز پیش کرنا Proposed Proposed
Prosecute مقدمہ چلانا Prosecuted Prosecuted
Provide مہیا کرنا Provided Provided
Proceed آگے بڑھنا Proceeded Proceeded
Produce پیدا کرنا Produced Produced
Prohibit 🚫 ممانعت کرنا Prohibited Prohibited
Press دبانا Pressed Pressed
Preset پہلے سے رکھنا Preset Preset
Prevent روکنا Prevented Prevented
Prefer ترجیح دینا Preferred Preferred
Preserve محفوظ کرنا Preserved Preserved
Preach تبلیغ کرنا Preached Preached
Pretend بناوٹ سے کام لینا Pretended Pretended
Prepare تیار کرنا Prepared Prepared
Pull کھینچنا Pulled Pulled
Preside صدر نشین ہونا Presided Presided
Purify صاف کرنا Purified Purified
Ply مشغول رہنا Plied Plied
Prescribe تجویز کرنا Prescribed Prescribed
Plot منصوبہ تیار کرنا Plotted Plotted
Plod منصوبہ تیار کرنا Plodded Plodded
Plan بمشکل چلنا Planned Planned
Please خوش کرنا Pleased Pleased
Pluck اکھاڑنا Plucked Plucked
Place رکھنا Placed Placed
Plead درخواست کرنا Pled Pled
Paste چپکانا Pasted Pasted
Pay ادا کرنا Paid Paid
Pass گزرنا، کامیاب ہونا Passed Passed
Paint رنگ کرنا Painted Painted
Participate حصہ لینا Participated Participated
Pause ⏸️ وقفہ لینا Paused Paused
Part تقسیم کرنا/ہونا Parted Parted
Pat تھپتھپانا، تھبکی دینا Patted Patted
Partake حصہ لینا Partook Partaken
Patch پیوند لگانا Patched Patched
Pacify صلح کرانا Pacified Pacified

Forms of verbs starting with Q

Verbs that begin with letter Q with Urdu meaning.

Base Form
Past Participle
Question سوال کرنا Questioned Questioned
Qualify معیار پر پورا اترنا Qualified Qualified
Quit ترک کرنا Quit Quit
Quarrel جھگڑا کرنا Quarrelled Quarrelled
Query سوال پوچھنا Queried Queried
Quest ڈھونڈنا یا ڈھونڈ نکالنا Quested Quested
Quip جملہ بازی کرنا Quipped  Quipped
Quell فرو کرنا Quelled Quelled
Queue قطار بندی کرنا Queued Queued
Quilt نگندے ڈال کر سینا Quilted Quilted

Forms of verbs starting with R

62 ‘R’ verbs with Urdu meaning.
Base Form
Past Participle
Read پڑھنا Read Read
Reach پہنچنا Reached Reached
Receive وصول کرنا Received Received
Realize احساس کرنا Realized Realized
Recite تلاوت کرنا Recited Recited
Rewind ⏪ چابی دینا Rewound Rewound
Return لوٹنا Returned Returned
Review جائزہ لینا Reviewed Reviewed
Reuse دوبارہ استعمال کرنا Reused Reused
Retire سبکدوش ہوجانا Retired Retired
Rebuild دوبارہ بنانا Rebuilt Rebuilt
Recall یاد کرنا Recalled Recalled
Recast پھر سے ڈھالنا Recast Recast
Retch ابکائی لینا Retched Retched
Retain قبضے میں رکھنا Retained Retained
Rest آرام کرنا Rested Rested
Restrain روکنا Restrained Restrained
Reply جواب دینا Replied Replied
Report روداد بیان کرنا Reported Reported
Request درخواست کرنا Requested Requested
Resell دوبارہ بیچنا Resold Resold
Recognize پہچاننا Recognized Recognized
Recollect یاد کرنا Recollected Recollected
Recur دوبارہ واقع ہونا Recurred Recurred
Reset دوبارہ ترتیب دینا Reset Reset
Resist مزاحمت کرنا Resisted Resisted
Resemble مشابہ ہونا Resembled Resembled
Resolve حل کرنا Resolved Resolved
Respect احترام کرنا Respected Respected
Redo  دوبارہ کرنا Redid Redone
Replace تبدیل کرنا Replaced Replaced
Refuse انکار کرنا Refused Refused
Reflect منعکس ہونا Reflected Reflected
Refer حوالہ دینا Referred Referred
Regret پچھتانا Regretted Regretted
Reduce کم کرنا Reduced Reduced
Repeat 🔁 دہرانا Repeated Repeated
Repair مرمت کرنا Repaired Repaired
Rend Rent Rent
Renew تجدید کرنا Renewed Renewed
Remove ہٹانا، نکالنا Removed Removed
Relax آرام کرنا Relaxed Relaxed
Renounce ترک کردینا Renounced Renounced
Remake پھر بنانا Remade Remade
Relate متعلق ہونا Related Related
Rely بھروسہ کرنا Relied Relied
Remain باقی بچنا Remained Remained
Rise اوپر اٹھنا Rose Risen
Ride سواری کرنا Rode Ridden
Rid نجات دلانا Rid Rid
Ring گھنٹی بجانا Rang Rung
Rule حکومت کرنا Ruled Ruled
Rot سڑنا Rotted Rotted
Run دوڑنا Ran Run
Rain بارش ہونا Rained Rained
Rub رگڑنا Rubbed Rubbed
Roar دھاڑنا Roared Roared
Rob لوٹنا Robbed Robbed
Roll 🗞️ لپیٹنا Rolled Rolled
Rush جلدی جانا Rushed Rushed
Rattle کھڑکھڑنا Rattled Rattled
Race دوڑ میں مقابلہ کرنا Raced Raced

Forms of verbs starting with S

187 verbs that begin with letter S with Urdu meanings.

Base Form
Past Participle
Save محفوظ کرنا Saved Saved
Saw آرا کشی کرنا Sawed Sawn
Say کہنا، بولنا Said Said
Satisfy مطمئن کرنا Satisfied Satisfied
Sample نمونہ پیش کرنا Sampled Sampled
Salve مرہم رکھنا Salved Salved
Salute کورنش بجالانا، سلام کرنا Saluted Saluted
Sacrifice قربانی کرنا Sacrificed Sacrificed
Sadden رنجیدہ کرنا Saddened Saddened
Savvy سمجھنا Savvied Savvied
Savor لطف اٹھانا Savored Savored
Salvage بچاؤ کرنا Salvaged Salvaged
Sap تباہ کرنا Sapped Sapped
Sanctify تقدیس کرنا Sanctified Sanctified
Sanction منظورہ دینا Sanctioned Sactioned
Saturate تربتر کردینا Saturated Saturated
Saunter آہستہ چلنا Sauntered Sauntered
Sate آسودہ کرنا Sated Sated
Sash Sashed Sashed
Sally یکایک نمودار ہونا Sallied Sallied
Sail کشتی چلانا Sailed Sailed
Saponify صابن بنانا Saponified Saponified
Sass گستاخی کرنا Sassed Sassed
Satirise مضحکہ اڑانا Satirised Satirised
Satiate مطمئن کرنا Satiated Satiated
Sag قیمتوں کا گرنا Sagged Sagged
Sack برطرف کرنا Sacked Sacked
Sashay Sashayed Sashayed
Saddle زین کسنا Saddled Saddled
Scan جائزہ لینا Scanned Scanned
Scare ڈرانا Scared Scared
Scar خراش ڈالنا Scarred Scarred
Scab زخم کا بھرنا Scabbed Scabbed
Scrub مٹانا Scrubbed Scrubbed
Scream چیخنا، چلانا Screamed Screamed
Screw🪛 پیچ سے کسنا Screwed Screwed
Scant کنجوسی کرنا Scanted Scanted
Scrabble ہاتھ یا پنجے چلانا Scrabbled Scrabbled
Scam چال چلنا Scammed Scammed
Scale ⚖️ تولنا Scaled Scaled
Scald جلانا Scalded Scalded
Scold ڈانٹنا Scolded Scolded
Scrawl قلم بر داشتہ لکھنا Scrawled Scrawled
Scowl تیوری چڑھانا Scowled Scowled
Scarp سیدھی(ڈھال )بنانا Scarped Scarped
Scatter بکھیرنا Scattered Scattered
Scarify چھیدنا Scarified Scarified
Scat بھگانا، دور کرنا Scatted Scatted
Scorch 🥵 جھلسانا Scorched Scorched
See دیکھنا، ملاقات کرنا Saw Seen
Seat 🪑 بٹھانا Seated Seated
Select منتخب کرنا Selected Selected
Search 🔍 تلاش کرنا Searched Searched
Send 📤 بھیجنا Sent Sent
Sew سینا Sewed Sewn
Sell بیچنا Sold Sold
Secure 🔐 محفوظ بنانا Secured Secured
Separate علیحدہ کرنا Separated Separated
Seize ضبط کرنا Seized Seized
Sentence سزا سنانا Sentenced Sentenced
Seem معلوم ہونا Seemed Seemed
Sever کاٹنا، الگ کرنا Severed Severed
Seek تلاش کرنا Sought Sought
Set 📐 رکھنا، جمانا Set Set
Share ساجھی کرنا Shared Shared
Shave 🪒 مونڈنا Shaved Shaved
Shit اجابت کرنا Shit Shit
Shoot گولی مارنا Shot Shot
Shock 😲 دہشت زدہ کرنا Shocked Shocked
Shut بند کرنا Shut Shut
Show دکھانا Showed Shown
Shake ہلانا Shook Shaken
Shine چمکننا Shone Shone
Shirk بچنا Shirked Shirked
Shout چیخنا چلانا Shouted Shouted
Shoe 👟 جوتا پہنانا Shod Shod
Shrink سکڑنا Shrank Shrunk
Shun بچنا Shunned Shunned
Shorten مختصر کرنا Shortened Shortened
Shiver کاںپنا Shivered Shivered
Shed جھاڑنا Shed Shed
Shear اون اتارنا Shore Shorn
Shape صورت گری کرنا Shaped Shaped
Shatter بکھرنا Shattered Shattered
Sing گانا Sang Sung
Sink ڈوبنا Sank Sunk
Sit 🪑 بیٹھنا Sat Sat
Sip چسکی لینا Sipped Sipped
Sight نظارہ کرنا Sighted Sighted
Signify بتانا Signified Signified
Signal 🚦 اشارہ کرنا Signalled Signalled
Sleep 💤 سونا Slept Slept
Sling پھینکنا Slung Slung
Slink دبے پاؤں چلنا Slunk Slunk
Slip کهسکنا Slipped Slipped
Slam زور سے بند کرنا Slammed Slammed
Slim وزن گھٹانا Slimmed Slimmed
Slit شگاف ڈالنا Slit Slit
Slay قتل کرنا Slew Slain
Slide گھسٹنا Slid Slid/Slide
Ski برف رانی کرنا Skied Skied
Skid پھسلنا Skidded Skidded
Smile مسکرانا Smiled Smiled
Smooth ہموار ہونا/بنانا Smoothed Smoothed
Smother Smothered Smothered
Smell سونگھنا Smelt Smelt
Smash ٹکڑے ٹکڑے کرنا Smashed Smashed
Smite مارنا Smote Smitten
Sniff سونگھنا Sniffed Sniffed
Sneak چپکے سے کھسک جانا Sneaked Sneaked
Sneeze 🤧 چھینکنا Sneezed Sneezed
Snap Snapped Snapped
Snatch چھیننا Snatched Snatched
Solve حل کرنا Solved Solved
Sort مرتب کرنا Sorted Sorted
Soar اونچا اڑنا Soared Soared
Sow کاشت کرنا Sowed Sowed
Sob سسکنا Sobbed Sobbed
Soothe تسلی دینا Soothed Soothed
Sprout 🌱 کونپل نکلنا Sprouted Sprouted
Stare تاکنا، گھورنا Stared Stared
Solicit بلانا، التجا کرنا Solicited Solicited
Spell ہجے کرنا Spelt Spelt
Speak بولنا، گفتگو کرنا Spoke Spoken
Speed تیز چلنا Sped Sped
Spoil بگاڑنا، خراب کرنا Spoilt Spoilt
Spray چھڑکاو کرنا Sprayed Sprayed
Spread پھیلانا Spread Spread
Spend گزارنا، خرچ کرنا Spent Spent
Spin گردش دینا Span/spun Spun
Spit تھوکنا Spit/spat Spit/spat
Spill چھلکنا،چھلکانا Spilt Spilt
Spring چھلانگ لگانا Sprang Sprung
Sparkle✨ شرارے چھوڑنا Sparkled Sparkled
Start شروع کرنا Started Started
Stay ٹھہرنا، رکنا Stayed Stayed
Steal چوری کرنا Stole Stolen
Step قدم اٹھانا Stepped Stepped
Stand کھڑے ہونا Stood Stood
Stick چبھونا، چپکانا Stuck Stuck
Steep شرابور کرنا Steeped Steeped
Stare گھورنا Stared Stared
State بیان کرنا Stated Stated
Stem روک تھام کرنا Stemmed Stemmed
Stop 🛑 روکنا Stopped Stopped
Store ذخیرہ کرنا Stored Stored
Stress زور دینا Stressed Stressed
Stride ڈگ بھرنا Strode Stridden
Strive Strove Striven
Strike جدوجہد کرنا Struck Struck
Stray گمراہ ہونا Strayed Strayed
Stretch کھینچنا، پھیلانا Stretched Stretched
String 🧵 تار لگانا، پرونا Strung Strung
Strew بکھیرنا Strewed Strewed
Stoop جھکنا Stooped Stooped
Strain دباؤ ڈالنا Strained Strained
Sterilize جراثیم سے پاک کرنا/ Sterilized Sterilized
Stimulate اُکسانا Stimulated Stimulated
Stir ہلانا Stirred Stirred
Stitch ٹانکے بھرنا Stitched Stitched
Suffer سہنا، بھگتنا Suffered Suffered
Submit جمع کرنا، گردن جھکانا Submitted Submitted
Study مطالعہ کرنا Studied Studied
Survey مشاہدہ کرنا Surveyed Surveyed
Surround گھیر لینا، احاطہ کرنا Surrounded Surrounded
Survive زندہ، بقید حیات رہنا Survived Survived
Suggest تجویز کرنا Suggested Suggested
Summon بلانا، طلب کرنا Summoned Summoned
Support حمایت کرنا Supported Supported
Suppose فرض کرنا Supposed Supposed
Subscribe چند ہ دینا، ہم خیال ہونا Subscribed Subscribed
Succeed کامیاب ہونا Succeeded Succeeded
Subtract تفریق یا منع کرنا Subtracted Subtracted
Surge تمّوج کرنا Surged Surged
Surmise خیال دوڑانا Surmised Surmised
Supply مہّیا کرنا Supplied Supplied
Surpass سبقت لے جانا Surpassed Surpassed
Suck چُوسنا Sucked Sucked
Swim تیرنا Swam Swum
Swing جھولنا Swung Swung
Swear حلف اٹھانا Swore Sworn
Sweat پسینے میں تر ہونا Sweat Sweat
Sweep جھاڑو دینا Swept Sewpt
Swot تن دہی سے مطالعہ کرنا Swotted Swotted
Swallow نگلنا Swallowed Swallowed
Sway ڈولنا، ڈگمگ کرنا Swayed Swayed
Swell پھولنا,سُوجنا Swelled Swelled
Stab چاقو یا خنجر گھونپنا Stabbed Stabbed
stabilise پائیدار بنانا stabilised stabilised
swaddle باندھنا; لپیٹنا swaddled swaddled

Forms of verbs starting with T

Form of 42 verbs that begin with letter T with Urdu meaning.
Base Form
Past Participle
Talk بات کرنا Talked Talked
Taste چکھنا Tasted Tasted
Tell بتانا Told Told
Tempt ورغلانا، اُکسانا Tempted Tempted
Test جانچنا Tested Tested
Teach سکھانا Tought Taught
Tee گیند کو ٹی پر رکھنا Teed Teed
Tear پھاڑنا Tote Torn
Tend آمادہ ہونا Tended Tended
Terrify خوف زدہ کرنا Terrified Terrified
Tax ٹیکس لگانا Taxed Taxed
Take پکڑنا، ہاتھ میں لینا Took Taken
Terminate اختتام پر لانا Terminated Terminated
Tap تھپتھپانا Tapped Tapped
Think سوچنا Thought Thought
Thank شکریہ ادا کرنا Thanked Thanked
Throw پھینکنا Threw Thrown
Thump مکا مارنا Thumped Thumped
Thrust ڈھکیلنا Thrust Thrust
Thrive پھلنا پھولنا Throve Thriven
Tire تھکنا Tired Tired
Tie  باندھنا Tied Tied
Travel 🧳 سفر کرنا Traveelled Travelled
Translate ترجمہ کرنا Translated Translated
Train تربیت دینا Trained Trained
Transform کایا پلٹ کرنا Transformed Transformed
Try کوشش کرنا،آزمانا Tried Tried
Trust بھروسا کرنا Trusted Trusted
Turn گھومنا، گھمانا Turned Turned
Trap 🪤 جال میں پکڑنا Trapped Trapped
Tree درخت کی پناہ لینا Treed Treed
Treasure سینت کے رکھنا Treasured Treasured
Trample کچلنا، روندنا Trampled Trampled
Transfer منتقل کرنا Transferred Transferred
Tread قدم رکھنا Trod Trodden
Treat سلوک کرنا Treated Treated
Triumph فتح پانا Triumphed Triumphed
Touch چھونا Touched Touched
Toss اچھالنا Tossed Tossed
Typeset حَرُوف چینی کَرنا Typeset Typeset
Type ٹائپ کرنا Typed Typed

Forms of verbs starting with U

Forms of Verbs beginning with U with Urdu meaning.
Base Form
Past Participle
Use استعمال کرنا Used Used
Urge زور لگانا Urged Urged
Undo کالعدم کرنا Undid Undone
Utter کہنا، منہ سے نکالنا Uttered Uttered
Upset متفق ہونا Upset Upset
Uproot الٹ دینا یا الٹ جانا Uprooted Uprooted
Unbar تالا کھولنا Unbarred Unbarred
Unify متحد کرنا Unified Unified

Forms of verbs starting with V

Verbs starting with V with Urdu meaning.
Base Form
Past Participle
View دیکھنا، ملاحظہ کرنا Viewed Viewed
Vomit اُلٹی یا قے کرنا Vomited Vomited
Value قیمت کا اندازہ لگانا Valued Valued
Verify تصدیق کرنا Verified Verified
Violate توڑنا،عصمت دری کرنا Violated Violated
Vanish اڑن چھو ہوجانا Vanished Vanished
Vex تنگ کرنا Vexed Vexed
Vary مختلف ہونا/بنانا Varied Varied
Vie مقابلہ کرنا Vied Vied
Vacate خالی کردینا Vacated Vacated
Veil نقاب ڈالنا /اوڑھنا Veiled Veiled
Visit ملاقات کرنا Visited Visited
Vote ووٹ دینا Voted Voted
Vow حلفیہ وعدہ کرنا Vowed Vowed
Vex دق کرنا Vexed Vexed
Validate توثیق کرنا Validated Validated
Versify شعر کا روپ دینا، نظمانا Versified Versified

Forms of verbs starting with W

Forms of 30 W verbs with Urdu meanings.
Base Form
Past Participle
Want چاہنا Wanted Wanted
Watch دیکھنا،نگرانی کرنا Watched Watched
Wax موم جامہ بنانا Waxed Waxed
Walk چلنا،ٹہلنا Walked Walked
Waste ضائع کرنا Wasted Wasted
Waylay گھات میں بیٹھنا Waylaid Waylaid
Water 💦 پانی چھڑکنا، سینچنا Watered Watered
Warn متنبہ کرنا Warned Warned
Wave درخواست لہرانا، الوداع کہنا
عمل میں لانا
Waved Waved
Wake جاگنا،جگانا Woke Woken
Wander سرگرداں رہنا Wandered Wandered
Wend جانا Went Went
Welcome خوش آمدید کہنا Welcomed Welcomed
Weep رونا Wept Wept
Wear پہننا Wore Worn
Weave کپڑا بُننا Wove Woven
Weigh تولنا، وزن کرنا Weighed Weighed
Wet گیلا کرنا Wet Wet
Wed شادی کرنا Wed Wed
Whisper سرگوشی کرنا Whispered Whispered
Wish خواہش کرنا Wished Wished
Win جیتنا Won Won
Withdraw نِکالنا Withdrew Withdrawn
Wind مڑنا; لپیٹنا; ہوا بہنا Wound Wound
Whip کوڑے مارنا Whipped Whipped
Worry فکر کرنا Worried Worried
Worship عبادت کرنا Worshipped Worshipped
Work کام کرنا Worked Worked
Write ✍️ لکھنا Wrote Written
Wring بھینچنا Wrung Wrung

Forms of verbs starting with X

Forms of verbs that begin with letter X with Urdu meaning
Base Form
Past Participle
Xerox عکسی نقل تیار کرنا Xeroxed Xeroxed
X-ray ایکسرے کرنا X-rayed X-rayed

Forms of verbs starting with Y

Forms of  Verbs beginning with Y with Urdu meaning.
Base Form
Past Participle
Yield پیدا کرنا Yielded Yielded
Yawn 🥱 جمائی لینا Yawned Yawned
Yell نعرہ لگانا Yelled Yelled
Yelp چیخنا Yelped Yelped
Yearn مشتاق ہونا Yearned Yearned
Yak یاوہ گوئی کرنا Yakked Yakked
Yoke جوڑی ملانا Yoked Yoked
Yowl بھیانک چیخ نکالنا Yowled Yowled

Forms of verbs starting with Z

This is a list of forms of verbs beginning with Z with Urdu meaning.
Base Form
Past Participle
Zinc جست کی تہ چڑھانا Zincked Zincked
Zoom تیزی سے حرکت کرنا Zoomed Zoomed
Zap مارڈالنا Zapped Zapped
Zip چین بند کرنا Zipped Zipped
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